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Strategic Locations

GSR-E is partnered with Tesla Energy, providing full development services for the design, permitting and installation of Tesla BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) at Tesla charging stations in California. These battery systems provide critical Tesla EV charging stations with peak demand support and back-up power in the event of loss of grid power.

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The California Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) program provides financial incentives for installing behind-the-meter energy storage projects in the PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E territories with a focus on providing critical facilities with energy savings and back-up response. SGIP is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, aid in grid reliability through the deployment of distributed energy resources, and reduce the risk of future fire danger. 


Texas Front of the Meter

GSR-E TX leverages existing development expertise on site control, permitting, EPC and interconnection. We situate projects close to urban load, capitalizing on significant West to East congestion in ERCOT that manifests most in Houston and Dallas. We identify sites with low cost interconnection, allowing for quick and cost effective development pathways. 

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Distributed Front of the Meter

GSR-E develops utility-scale solar PV and energy storage projects. Our solar + storage and standalone battery storage project development services include land and site analysis, permitting, design and engineering, entitlement, and interconnection approval.  

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Strategic Locations


GSR Energy’s development model employs a rigorous process for evaluating prospective sites by analyzing solar PV and battery storage constructability, establishing business relationships with landowners and securing permits and transmission rights.  Solar PV and battery storage can be sited with great flexibility to meet goals that range from maximizing visibility for community support to least visual impact siting.  Standalone battery storage can be sited within the built environment, with minimal visual impact.  Recognizing the modularity and scalability of solar PV and battery storage, GSR Energy partners with power purchasers to identify key attributes for project siting.   


As demand for renewable energy continues to grow, solar farms have emerged as a viable land reuse option.   Corporations with contaminated properties, often at odds with environmental regulators, often have limited redevelopment alternatives. Municipalities, often struggling with budget shortfalls, have found that renewable energy development on closed, inactive landfills could reduce their maintenance costs, generate tax revenue, create new jobs and supply affordable power. Corporations and municipalities alike recognize the potential for turning their unwanted land into physical demonstrations of their commitment to a clean and healthy environment. 

Resources from the US Environmental Protection Agency

  • Stakeholder benefits 

  • Decision Trees for Solar and Wind 

  • Best Practices for Siting Solar Photovoltaics on Municipal Solid Waste  Landfills

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