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GSR Energy is comprised of industry experts that offer a specialized skillset informed by decades of experience in the solar, wind and energy storage business. Our flexible business model allows for direct engagement with clients seeking an independent third party to assist with their renewable energy agenda. 

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Distributed Front of the Meter

GSR-E develops utility-scale solar PV and energy storage projects. Our solar + storage and standalone battery storage project development services include land and site analysis, permitting, design and engineering, entitlement, and interconnection approval. 

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Behind the Meter

GSR-E develops onsite energy generation, storage, and microgrid projects for commercial and industrial clients, offsetting retail electricity use and reducing electricity bills. 


Property and Landowner Partnerships

GSR-E works with property and landowners to sell or lease land or buildings for the development of energy storage projects, resulting in a steady and predictable stream of revenue for landowners and clean, stable energy for the community. 


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

GSR-E oversees engineers and project management professionals on end to end development services while partnering with industry experts to design sustainable, profitable projects. 

GSR Energy adheres to strict guidelines for advisory service clients. Our consulting engagements are screened up front and we establish a rigid firewall to ensure no conflict or overlap with any aspect of GSR Energy’s project development business.

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