GSR Energy is comprised of industry experts that offer a specialized skillset informed by decades of experience in the solar, wind and energy storage business. Our flexible business model allows for direct engagement by clients seeking a independent third party to assist with their renewable energy agenda. Advisory services fall into two categories.  


Retail electricity use offset (behind the meter):

  • evaluation of potential for solar projects that offset retail electricity use, thereby reducing electricity bills

  • preparation of Request for Proposals

  • administration of Request for Proposals, including ranking of bids based on financial benefit, supplier ability to deliver and considerations for asset management/O&M

Wholesale power generation (front of meter):

  • evaluation of property holdings for renewable energy potential and marketability

  • permitting support, including establishing initial strategy frameworks and best practices for minimizing costs

  • interconnection, including technical support by electrical engineers


GSR Energy adheres to strict guidelines for advisory service clients. Our consulting engagements are screened upfront and we establish a rigid firewall to ensure no conflict or overlap with any aspect of GSR Energy’s project development business.