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GSR Energy is an independently owned project developer with demonstrated experience designing and installing behind-the-meter energy storage projects. During the period between 2016-2019, GSR Energy principals deployed more Tesla Energy projects for commercial and industrial clients than any other development organization in North America, including designing, engineering, constructing and interconnecting 98 behind the meter energy storage projects totaling nearly 80 MW and 370MWh of installed capacity. GSR-E continues to leverage this experience to develop and construct portfolios of behind the meter storage for the Self Generation Incentive Program in California.

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The California Public Utilities Commission SGIP rebate incentive funds are available to support installation of battery energy storage systems at qualified critical infrastructure to provide backup power to essential circuits to keep lights, computers, refrigerators and HVAC systems fully functional during a power outage. More information on this Statewide Initiative can be found here.

Critical Infrastructure Defined As:

  • Police Stations, Fire Stations, Emergency Response Providers, Emergency Operations Centers, and 911 call centers (also referred to as Public Safety Answering Points)

  • Medical facilities including Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Nursing Homes, Blood Banks, Health Care Facilities, Dialysis Centers, and Hospice facilities

  • Public and Private Gas, Electric, Water, Wastewater or Flood Control Facilities

  • Jails and Prisons

  • Locations designated by the IOUs to provide assistance during PSPS events, Cooling Centers, and Homeless Shelters supported by federal, state, or local governments. 


Energy storage systems that qualify for the SGIP equity resiliency rebate incentive can be standalone or integrated with solar PV.  For standalone battery systems, GSR Energy will configure the equipment to support back-up for critical facilities and will install "solar ready" components for existing or potential future solar PV installations.  Battery systems built with solar energy have the benefit of longer periods of back-up power capability.

For standalone facilities without solar, the energy storage system will charge from the grid during off-peak periods and discharge everyday to reduce demand on the grid as part of the SGIP program guidelines. If the facility is on a Time-Of-Use rate schedule, this will likely provide additional savings to the facility. GSR Energy will complete an analysis to quantify these benefits before the project is built.

Throughout the battery project lifecycle (including operations and maintenance), facility owners will face no cost whatsoever.   

SGIP incentive provides ample funding -- GSR Energy and our financing partners will provide the required upfront capital to install the project and then use the rebate to reimburse the expenditure. 50% of the incentive is paid upon completion of the battery, and the remaining payment is earned over the next five years through active management of the system.


  1. Submit inquiry of interest to

  2. Provide a recent utility bill and 12 months of data (we can provide a user-friendly weblink)

  3. Schedule a time to do a remote (or in-person) site walk to review essential circuits and possible locations for the energy storage system

  4. GSR Energy provides proposal for an optimal system size that will describe how the system will operate and the savings it can provide. 

  5. Application submittal to secure spot in the SGIP queue before funds run out.

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